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Cyprus is one of the destinations in the world that has witnessed immense development in terms of tourism industry in recent years. And, of course, Tourist attractions in Cyprus have contributed most to this fabulous growth. Some of the best Cyprus tourist attractions which you must not miss out on visiting are furnished below:

District Museum : Just a few strides from the town center in Larnaca, it is the Modern District Museum where you will find a good collection of antiques from Neolithic to Roman periods. Tools, coins, lamp from Kition are part of the archeological findings on the display. Faience scarabs, limestone seals, and bone implements are also special features of this museum.
Ancient Kition : Northwest of Larnaca features some of the remains of ancient Kition in form of temples of 13 th century B.C and many others. Do not forget to visit the Phoenician Temple of Astarte that came into existence in earlier Bronze Age. Huge stone city walls in the lower northern part are also great attractions. They resemble Mycenaean cyclopean walls.
Church of Ayios Lazaros : A 9 th century church that is devoted to St. Lazarus has been one of the most important religious institutions in Cyprus .
Larnaca Medieval Museum : Elegantly housed and equipped with fascinating ancient stuff, this museum was earlier used as a prison. The Larnaca Municipal Cultural Center is also operated from this place.
Choirokoitia: This is a must-visit spot in the city of Larnaca. This place is a result of archeological excavation which proved to be the oldest Neolithic site in the country. Many a great findings deserve to be explored deeply. Defensive walls, circular houses and tombs are interesting stuff to have a look at. Choirokoitia is also known as Khirokitia and dates back to 7,000 B.C.
Stavrouvouni Monastery: This is one of the oldest monasteries perched atop a solitary mountain and founded in 4th century Saint Helena. It features an important relic, a fragment of Holy Cross, and allows only men to enter.
Lefkara: It is a beautiful village that is famous for its homemade lace which is known as lefkaritika.
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