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About Cyprus

Cyprus is considered as the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The island is well located in the northeastern area of the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of only 700 000, large areas of the island remain completely unspoiled. The majority of the population is Greek Cypriot, and they follow the Christian Orthodox religion. However, as a result of the Turkish invasion of 1974, 37% of the island remains under Turkish rule. The line, which serves as a United Nations peacekeeping buffer, was drawn in 1974, when the Turks invaded and took over the north. Most of the tourism development since then has taken place in the southern Government-controlled sector, and the political divide, even in Nicosia itself, has not dampened the island's appeal as a holiday Mecca. Today Nicosia is unique in Europe because it is divided by the 'green line' that bisects the whole island, dividing north from south. The charms of Cyprus are many and varied. For a start the weather is sunny and dry for most of the year, and the encircling sea is blue, clear and enticing. There is a great deal packed into a small space on the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. In Cyprus it is possible to mingle with crowds, or seek isolation off the beaten track as the mood takes, even in peak holiday season.

History of Cyprus

Cyprus history is interesting and worth to read for assessing the richness of the country. The turbulent history of Cyprus can be traced back over 8000 years. Like many Mediterranean islands, Cyprus has long been seen as an important strategic base and has suffered a variety of occupations. The Athenians, the Persians, the Egyptians, Alexander the Great and the Romans were the most important invaders during the ancient period. After the partition of the Roman Empire in the fourth century AD, the island became part of the Eastern Byzantine Empire. It was subsequently a temporary casualty of the Arab invasions between 648 and 746. During the Third Crusade, Richard I of England conquered Cyprus and installed Guy of Lusignan (previously King of Jerusalem), whose house ruled until the island passed to the control of Venice in 1489. From 1571, the Ottoman Turks ruled Cyprus for over three centuries, before ceding it to Britain in 1878. Independence was achieved in August 1960, after a four-year military struggle between the UK and the guerrillas of EOKA (National Organization of Cypriot Fighters) who sought 'enosis' (union with Greece), which was anathema to the Turkish community.

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